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Fat and happy? Look elsewhere.

If you want “fat and happy” look elsewhere. Meet Anna Byström – the General Counsel of Telenor Sweden who is resigning her position to change the way legal is being delivered to customers. 

Anna, you are leaving what many would consider a sweet spot as Swedish GC of Telenor to rejoin the consultancy work force as a partner of EY Law, what are the drivers behind your decision? 

Lawyers need to change the mindset from giving legal advice to solving problems. As a GC, I have seen a need for integrated legal solutions as a compliment to the classic legal advice. It’s time that the legal profession truly view things from the buyer perspective. EY Law has an advantage not only in offering multi-disciplinary and holistic legal services but also in being a leading disruptor offering legal managed services. I have been a law firm partner, a GC and now look forward to join the new law movement, heading up EY Law together with Paula Hogéus and the other partners. I think ALSPs like EY Law will change the industry. I’m excited to be part of that journey. 

How can new digital tools and legal managed service change legal functions?

Legal managed services can help legal functions to manage legal instructions coming into the function, re-direct work that does not require legal input, triage work that does require legal support to the right team and manage all stages from case opening to case closing. Legal managed services will simply help companies to streamline and excel their legal function so that legal teams can focus efforts on key tactical and strategic legal work. EY acquired Riverview Law in 2018 to offer a platform for legal managed services, but the possibilities are endless. EY also has the competence to build new digital tools to meet customers’ needs.

What are your personal goals for 2019? 

I have several! Joining EY Law opens up for so many opportunities. Doing business has in many ways become more complex as you have to adapt quickly to market changes, and at the same time comply with new regulatory requirements and higher ethical standards. One of my goals is to use my experience as GC to make a true difference in helping clients with this challenge. On a personal level, I believe in never stop learning, and as part of EY I will continue to learn and challenge myself and people around me. 

What are your new team goals at EY Law?

EY Law has since its start been very successful and is today well integrated with EY’s other service lines when providing legal advice in complex assignments. To continue being successful and to grow, I believe in challenging traditional ways of providing legal advice and in building engaged and happy teams of lawyers. My goal is that every one of our lawyers at all times sees and feels proud of the value that we provide to our customers.

We are always looking to learn more about the dynamics of the legal market and the people who work in it in order to serve it best. Do you need help building your legal team or a gig-lawyer? Get in touch here: info@legalworks.se

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