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Almedalen 2016 Compliance measured by American standards

LegalWorks will be one of the participants in this years anti-corruption event at Almedalen. On July 5 Leif Frykman and Peter Utterström from the LegalWorks anti-corruption team will do a joint session with Ebba Waltre, Legal Director Nordics for the outsourcing giant CSC. The topic will be ”Compliance measured by American standards”. Why Amercian authorities are interested in what Swedish companies do in foregin countries and how to work with preventive mesures to avoid becoming the target of Department of Justice and the US Securities and Exchange Commission?

”We want to share our real life experiences in managing compliance risk in large US organisations. It is certainly a matter of culture, but also a question of having the right checks and balances in place. Without a systematic approach you have no chance of getting it right. The Swedish ”common sense” approach is unfortunately far from enough in this context if you have any ambitions to protect your shareholders investment” says Leif Frykman, one of the founders of LegalWorks and leading its compliance practice.

The full day event is arranged by Transparancy International, AmCham and the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute. The venue is Wisby Strand at Strandvägen 4 and the events starts at 0800 with LegalWorks session at 0900. See you there! Read more here