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10 October, 2017

Boring legal work is a digital business opportunity

There’s a lot of talk these days about disruption of industries and how AI and robots will make pretty much everyone unemployed by the end of […]
10 October, 2017

The Legal mind in the digital world

The ushering in of the fourth industrial revolution fundamentally has two dimensions, or perhaps rather two poles on a spectrum; the strategic and the tactical. The […]
10 October, 2017

Platform economies challenge lawyers

Platform economies challenge many legal paradigms – and consequently the whole legal profession. First I would like to describe how platform economy differs from a traditional […]
11 April, 2017

”Bolagsjuristen har en viktig ledarskapsroll”

Dataskydd har aldrig förr varit i mycket fokus som det är just nu och intresset växer hela tiden. har ställt några frågor till LegalWorks dataskyddsjurister, Axel Tandberg […]