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Creative M&A lawyer joins LegalWorks

We are welcoming Christina Blomkvist, who has joined LegalWorks´team of experienced lawyers. Christina has a background in major lawfirms and as an in-house counsel with one of the largest insurance companies in Sweden, where she was Head of M&A and developed their systems and processes in the M&A field and also with regard to procurement of legal services.

Christina is also a devoted coder and is currently involved as founder of two legal tech start-ups.

“In the next few years we will see  many examples of how legal support and technology will be combined into one delivery. Christina’s unique combination of solid legal expertise and creative coding skills is of course very interesting for LegalWorks” says Ulf Lindén, COO and founder of LegalWorks.

“I am very happy to join LegalWorks and to be part of the development of the legal services of the future. I have been engaged in business development on the legal services market for many years and look forward to continue these efforts together with LegalWorks” says Christina Blomkvist.

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