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Driving productivity by digitalizing the legal department

For the past week, our legal operations expert Leif Frykman has held a series of seminars across the country, discussing the concept of legal operations and the steps to use when improving the processes of the legal department.

Because ambitions and ideas to increase productivity are great, but these ideas are often lacking a strategy to be compliant in the everyday work process. Creating time to drive improvements are often a bit of a Catch-22, as the reason you want to improve the workflow often is because a lack of time.

An external resource can be the catalysator of improving delivering, by energy, innovation and new ways of thinking. Investing in an optimization project will not only increase productivity and bring costs savings, but will also lead to higher quality and a better workflow.

Sharing the LegalWorks view of the matter, the seminars have included practical steps to take when implementing a more digital mindset to the department, as well as easy-to-apply tips and tricks that you can use directly in your daily work.

Interested in knowing more about legal operations and our team of experienced lawyers? Contact us directly at or +46 8 729 00 50.

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