About LegalWorks

We are a truly multidisciplinary service provider helping companies take care of legal whether by an advise, a talent, a strategy or a tool. We will help you integrate legal, business, HR and technology


LegalWorks was founded by a group of senior in-house counsels that felt there was a lack of business-oriented alternatives on the legal market. Being a in-house legal counsel, you understand the value of the business, but for legal aid all alternatives available were traditional lawyer firms. These firms often lacked understanding of the business mindset, as well as digital approach.

Seeing this, the LegalWorks founding fathers developed the idea of creating a business oriented and flexible contender on the legal market, a contender with both the legal skills and business mindset. So in 2016 the company LegalWorks was founded, with the aim to be a modern and digital legal provider on an otherwise very traditional market, and the rest is history.

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