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How Legal teams can excel with increased work load

According to magazine Corporate Counsel, asking GC:s and Heads of Compliance in large global organizations based in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, ¾ of the respondents state that the legal workload has increased since 2016.  However budget for hiring more resources does not always follow. How to manage increased workload and optimize performance of the legal department?

Drawing from Googles project Aristoteles on how to optimize team-performance one key factor is structure and clarity. The team needs clear direction and goals is vital. Everyone needs to understand what part they play on the team. Everyone on the team also needs to understand how they should go about getting their job done so as to help the team succeed. The team also needs the right tools for performing the tasks at hand. This is where legal tech companies can play an important role.

With better technology, you can provide structure for your team by sharing standard templates, assign tasks, manage and track matters, share documents with colleagues and collect relevant data in a structured way, increasing your efficiency and collaboration across the organization. An interesting article describing this and providing 8 simple steps to implement tech for your legal team can be found here:

Want to know more about team-development for legal departments? Please contact LegalWorks Anna Lensmar-Friedman

If you are interested in tech-tools please contact Leif Frykman and Anna Brunzell

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