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Labour law specialist Effie Kourlos joins the team

Effie Kourlos, who specilizes in labour law, has joined LegalWorks.

Effie has a background from corporate lawfirms like Hannes Snellman and has also worked with alternative legal service provider Northlaw. Since three years, she is partly based in northern Sweden combining her legal career with outdoor family life in the mountain village Åre.

”A few years ago I started to work partly from Åre for family and lifestyle reasons. I soon realized that it worked out really well and that my clients in Stockholm were happy with the arrangement. Last year I finally decided to move my main office to Åre/Östersund, but to still keep my clients in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden”, says Effie and continues, ”Åre/Östersund is a fast growing, interesting region and Stockholm is only 45 minutes away”.

Effie will continue to work with clients in Stockholm, the Åre/Östersund region and other parts of Sweden as part of her association with LegalWorks.

”We look forward to have an in-house labour lawyer in the team. We have been looking for that for quite some time as there is a strong demand for employment related issues, especially among our entreprenuers and start-ups. Effie is also a great example of the new flexible legal market, which allows you to have a succesfull professional career with more personal freedom than the traditional employers can offer. This is something we like to promote in the legal community.” says Anna Lensmar-Friedman, CEO of LegalWorks.

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