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Legal Operations – simply a fad or a great transformation of legal departments?

In recent GC surveys, the concept of Legal Operations is trending. Many of us have been asking ourselves whether the seemingly increasing interest of applying a more “business like” management in the legal department is just a passing trend or something here to stay. What is clear though, is that Legal Operations in the US has been a rising trend over the last decade and is finally catching on here in Europe.

General Counsels are faced with problems of an ever-increasing globalization and work load. Pressure to keep the legal costs down have been forcing them to seek other ways to deliver the legal services that are expected of them. Some GCs have resorted to hire dedicated resources supporting his or her efforts in driving cost savings, efficiency, quality and team development. Others are still struggling with meeting the new demand, perhaps having not fully understood the Legal Operations concept or are simply not able to free up the required resources, funding or time to address the new challenges.

Well – is Legal Operations just the latest fad in the evolution of legal departments or is there more to it? Why don’t you be the judge of that? Join us at the Nordic Legal Tech Day on September 19 in Stockholm and meet our Legal Operations panel. Get the ins and outs, the pros and cons, the mumbo jumbo and secret sauce recipe. Read more and book your place here.

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