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The interest has been record high and all places are now booked for this year’s Legal Tech Day. If you’re interested in attending next year’s event – please fill out your information here to the right and we will contact you.

Nordic Legal Tech Day 2018 – September 19

The annual event about the digitalization and development of the legal industry. A full day of interactions and knowledge sharing about legal tech tools and the future role of lawyers and legal departments. Get ready to network with thought leaders, entrepeneurs and legal techies that are ready to transform the legal industry and work-life of lawyers.

  • Legal by Design – is design thinking the model to solve legal challenges? Can designers help lawyers to become more effective?
  • Legal Operations – According to recent research this is the new mega trend in the legal world. How will it impact the legal industry and legal departments? What is being done in the Nordics right now?
  • Exclusively at Nordic Legal Tech day – presenting the results of the 2018 Nordic General Counsel survey – The legal department of the future – The report is produced in collaboration with ALTNordic. The presentation will be followed by a Nordic GC panel that will discuss the results and explore how legal departments will develop in the future.
  • Legal career – how to maintain a sustainable career in a high performance digitized environment? What skills are needed to succeed in the future when automatization changes the game by removing traditional legal work?
  • The Legal Innovation Award by Nominate your candidates here!
  • Start-up pitching session – Four inspirational legal start-ups who will have the chance to show how they will change the world. Feedback from leading venture capitalists.

Leading supplier of legal technology will show case the latest technology in four tracks: AI, Contract management, Data protection and Legal Management

When: 19 September, exhibition opens 0830, first keynote at 0900, refreshments from 1700.
Where: Convendum, Regeringsgatan 30, Stockholm.
Fee: SEK1900, including lunch and refreshments.  Members of the Swedish Company Lawyers Association will be admitted free of charge.

Full program to be presented well in advance of the event.

For questions, please contact Anna Brunzell,


08:30: Doors open to exhibition center – coffee and registration

09:00: ”Legal Design – How customer-centric innovation can fix broken legal processes and (truly) improve legal services” with speakers Marie Potel-Saville (founder of Dot. Legal Design France and former GC at Estee Lauder Companies Europe), Heidi Merikalla-Teir (General Secretary Finnish Arbitration Institute), Meera Klemola (Lead Legal Designer Dot. Legal Design) and Emma Hertzberg (Legal Designer Dot. Legal Design).

10:00: Sessions round 1 – Draftit Privacy, Precisely/Karnov Group, Axiom and Formpipe.

11:00: Sessions round 2 – OneTrust, Canon, ThoughRiver and Ascertus/Busylamp.

12:00: Lunch – sponsored by Sysero.

Lunch sessions:
12.15 “How to be and develop flourishing high-performers in the legal department“ – Anna Lensmar-Friedman (CEO, LegalWorks).
During this lunch-session we will uncover the practical steps you can take to release the true potential of your team and further your development as a leader. Drawing from the latest psychological and neuroscientific research from the world of high performance sports, as well as niche research on key behaviors and traits of successful lawyers, we will talk about winning mental strategies for managing workload and optimizing performance on your legal team.

12.15 ”Legal Design Workshop with the Dot. team: try for yourself design and creativity tools and tips”
During the legal design workshop the participants will be able to try legal design method and tools on practical matters together with the design experts from Dot.

13:00: – Legal Operations – create a strategy for optimizing legal services delivery – Ken Clanton (Head of M&A, Axiom), Richard Maybe (CEO Juro), Martin Davidson (CLO, ThoughtRiver), Amy Jacoby (Legal Operations Manager, Spotify) and Leif Frykman (founder, LegalWorks).

14:00: Sessions round 3 – DPOrganizer, Pactumize, Ayfie and InsiderLog.

15:00: GC panel “The legal department of the future” – Exclusively at Legal Tech Day, Anna Lensmar-Friedman (CEO, LegalWorks) will present the results of the 2018 Nordic General Counsel survey. The report is produced in collaboration with ALTNordic. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with GCs that will discuss the results and explore how legal departments will develop in the future.

16:00: Sessions round 4 – Sytorus, SimpleSign, ContractPod and GreenCounsel.

17:00: Refreshments served – sponsored by ThoughtRiver.

17:00: Start-up pitching session with investor panel
Start-ups: Donna AI, ContractMill, DealSign, LearningBank. Panel of investors: Marcus Krüger (Angel investor), Stefan Lindeberg (Angel investor), Antti Kosunen (Co-founder, Nestholma).

18:00: Legal Innovation Prize by

20:00: Wrap-up

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Demo 1 - 10:00
Draftit Privacy (GDPR)Precisely/Karnov (Contract Mgt)Axiom (AI)Formpipe (Legal Mgt)None

Demo 2 - 11:00
OneTrust (GDPR)Canon (Contract Mgt)ThoughtRiver (AI)Ascertus/BusyLamp (Legal Mgt)None

Demo 3 - 14:00
DPOrganizer (GDPR)Pactumize (Contract Mgt)Ayfie (AI)InsiderLog (Legal Mgt)None

Demo 4 - 16:00
Sytorus (GDPR)SimpleSign (Contract Mgt)ContractPod (AI)GreenCounsel (Legal Mgt)None

Lunch session - 12:15
“How to be and develop flourishing high-performers in the legal department“”Legal Design Workshop with the Dot. team: try for yourself design and creativity tools and tips”None

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Program Legal Tech Day 2018

Here you can see all the demos for Legal Tech Day. To sign up for specific demos, use the form.
Contract Mgt
Legal Mgt

DraftIT Privacy – The DPO dream, a bullet-proof privacy program

Let us take you through the steps of our Privacy Program developed together with legal experts to ensure long-lasting GDPR compliance. We’ll show you how our complete product suite streamlines...
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OneTrust – Streamline privacy managagement through software automation

To operationalise GDPR, companies will need to build the principles of privacy by design into all of their business processes. In this session, learn about the different parts of a privacy...
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DPOrganizer – A software designed specifically for the privacy professional

DPOrganizer offers privacy management software, designed specifically for privacy professionals. We develop innovative features and useful tools to simplify life for privacy professionals and help to ensure compliance, demonstrate control...
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Sytorus – Make your GDPR headaches go away

Sytorus is a European leader in helping DPO’s to manage their GDPR workloads. We help clients wherever they are in their journey towards compliance. Come and see us and play...
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New contract drafting solution  –  How Karnov Group combine legal content with innovative digital technology

– Drafting contracts more efficiently with comments from leading legal experts – Sneak preview and demo of Karnovs new contract drafting service – Next steps – improvements, new features and...
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Canon – How can Robotics help you free time and make your business grow?

Each organization is under a lot of pressure to digitalize and automatize all aspects of their business, but many still use manual tasks for important business processes like gathering, examining...
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Pactumize – digital transformation of business law

Pactumize is a Legal Tech company that develops and licenses a contract automation platform to large and medium-sized companies. In the demo session you will meet:  Attorney Anders Perméus, who is Co-founder of...
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Simple Sign – See your contracts get signed in seconds instead of days

Discover why companies in Scandinavia, England and USA choose Simple Sign to send, sign and archive contracts electronically. See how your contracts get signed in seconds instead of days. With...
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Simple Sign

Axiom – Unlock the Hidden Value in Your Contracts

Axiom operates the world’s largest multi-client contracting operation, handling over 1,000,000 contracts and 10,000,000 contract data elements per year. Attend this session for an exclusive insider’s view of their “contract...
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ThoughtRiver – Staying in the zone and focusing on what matters

Typically, 70% of in house legal department work is contract-related. Naturally, a general counsel will want their team’s attention to the most important contracts, the big deals.  In reality, they...
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Ayfie – Uncover The “Who Did What When” Faster, Easier, And With More Impact

Ayfie empowers legal firms to automate workflows and organize thousands of legal notes, files, and contract collections to enhance case strategies and find the strongest evidence faster. See how ayfie’s...
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ContractPodAi – A complete end to end artificially intelligent contract analyst

ContractPodAi® is Europe’s fastest growing contract management systems and provides cutting edge end-to-end contract management functionality combined with AI-driven contract review (powered by IBM Watson). Our interface is incredibly easy...
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Contentworker by Formpipe – moving from being a reactive “inbox manager” to a proactive “matter centric” mindset.

We will cover some common reasons how Contentworker allows law firms and corporate legal to make the move to a Microsoft based platform with a modern and intuitive matter-centric document...
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Ascertus – Securely Managing Corporate Legal Departments’ Critical Content

Ascertus is holding a demonstration on how corporate legal departments can manage their matter centric content by adopting iManage, the next-generation document and email management system, used by many corporate...
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InsiderLog – automatic insider lists for public companies

The EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) has caused a lot of headache and burdensome administration. InsiderLog is a digital tool for listed companies to automate their management of inside information...
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GreenCounsel – Streamline delivery of high quality products with your legal robot in the cloud

GreenCounsel provides a platform (David) for handling legal documentation and workflows online. It is your legal robot in the cloud, helping customers and lawyers get high quality and efficient delivery...
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Green Counsel

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Nordic Legal Tech Day 2017

A full day of interactions, networking and knowledge sharing about legal tech tools and the future role of lawyers.

The event took place on 21st of September 2017 for the third time. We are already planning for the 2018 event. If you want to attend or want to know more about it please contact us

Special thanks to our key notes and presenters

Sandy Devine, Axiom, Managing Director Europe “Technology transforming legal services
Jörgen Modin, Chromaway, Smart contracts of the future
Richard Tromans “Legal AI – Where it Stands Today and What it Means For Lawyers and Clients

Anna Lensmar-Friedman CEO of LegalWorks ,and Jorma Vartia CEO of Laissa Oy, with the 2017 Nordic GC Report and panelists Merja Karhapää GC Sanoma Group, John Engholm, GC of Serendipity Group, Jon Iversen GC of Copenhagen Airports and occupational psychologist Jens Näsström, founder of the Lawyer Performance Project.

Thanks to Jimmy Vestbirk, LegalGeek for moderating the start-up session with  and INIRES, ManyDox, Precisely and Moodul

Main sponsors: Effacts of Wolters Kluwer

Sponsors: Luminance and OneTrust