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The annual event about the digitalization and development of the legal industry

Nordic Legal Tech Day 2019



Agenda - Nordic Legal Tech Day 2019

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08:15 Registration and breakfast

08:45 Welcome to Nordic Legal Tech Day - The Shift of the Legal Game
Opening words and presentation of the day by Ulf Lindén , LegalWorks.

09:00 Keynote and panel, Legal Operations with Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist
For businesses in 2019, digital transformation is for many a top priority. Within legal departements, the situation is no different. So how do you manage to apply this more business-like approach to your in-house legal team? What tools and resources are needed to create a more effective and efficient legal department? Join us in a keynote speech by Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, followed by a panel discussion by industry leaders, to learn how you can maximize your team’s ability to perform and help grow the company.

09:20 LegalOperations Panel
Richard Mabey , Juro
Christian Swartling , Stora Enso
Ghislaine Gunge , legal operations consultant
Anna Rzewuska , Telia Company
Hans Albers , ACC Europe
Nichlas Resch , Norstedts Juridik/Karnov Group

The panel is moderated by Leif Frykman , LegalWorks.

10:00 Demo Session 1
Leading suppliers of legal technology will show case the latest technology in four tracks: AI, Contract management, Data protection and Legal Management.

10:45 Coffee Break and Networking
Coffee break and time to explore the legal tech tools exhibition.

11:15 Demo Session 2
Leading suppliers of legal technology will show case the latest technology in four tracks: AI, Contract management, Data protection and Legal Management.

12:00 Lunch and Presentation of The Legal Innovation Prize 2019

12:45 Presentation of Nordic General Counsel Report 2019
The Nordic General Counsel report is an annual report based on a survey taken by a few hundred General Counsels, most of them based in Scandinavia. The survey and report are created by ALTNordic, a collaboration between alternative legal service providers in four countries - Experticon ApS in Denmark, Laissa Oy in Finland, IBF Legal AS in Norway and LegalWorks in Sweden.

The key findings this year includes the struggle of digitization, different leadership challenges of 2019 and how legal departments are interweaving the UN Sustainable Development Goals into their everyday work.

David Köröndi , GC at Eton Shirts
Carl Östring , GC at Traction
Pål Lunning , GC Tetra Pak

The panel is moderated by Victoria Swedjemark

. 13:30 Demo Session 3
Leading suppliers of legal technology will show case the latest technology in four tracks: AI, Contract management, Data protection and Legal Management.

14:15 Coffee Break and Networking
Coffe break and time to explore the legal tech tools exhibition.

15:00 The digital revolution – Co-creating a new narrative of society – panel discussion
The digital revolution is changing the whole infrastructure of society. It’s not the icing on the cake - it’s asking what is cake and who gets to taste it.

The discussion about digital inclusion and digital divide is global and concerns access to the internet, robust high speed connectivity, tools and skills and how lack of that access is reinforcing the divide between weak and strong, poverty and prosperity and the opportunity for everyone to be a part of a sustainable society. It is a discussion about access to health and the risk of biased data in medical diagnostics. It is a discussion about access to payment and the possibility of crypto-currencies and e-krona replacing cash.

Technology is potentially an amazing enabler of efficacy, it connects the world and holds many of the possible solutions to fight climate change. As it becomes more embedded in everyday life and is increasingly taken for granted by those with relevant tools, skills and understanding – the exclusion of the digitally illiterate, or just citizens outside the high functioning and often male norm, deepens at exponential pace. Affecting democracy, equality, social mobility as well as sustainable business.

Join us in co-creating the alternative narrative of a new digitally inclusive society. Welcome all!

Dilan Ölcer , Senior Economist at Riksbanken
Tove Andersson , Boardmember of Brighter AB, Columnist DI Digital, Founder of KryptoGäris
Ulf Lesley , Group CMO Strikersoft
Wiktoria Dagerås Wittboldt , Independent Consultant Senior Geopolitical Advisor

The panel is moderated by Anna Lensmar Friedman , Impact entrepreneur and founder of Fairplace.

16:00 Knowledge Sharing Sessions
- From X to Next: what do the next generation of lawyers want? with Erica Wernmo , LegalWorks
- Legal Design Thinking – How to influence and take action? With Pierre Dicksson , Skye Contracts
- The Future of GDPR with Axel Tandberg , PrivacyWorks
- Using blockchain to create smart contracts with Chromaway
- Interactive session of Coding for lawyers with Hello World!

16:45 Drinks, snacks and networking - Sponsored by Sytorus

Agenda Startup 10:00 - 15:00

The Legaltech Startup Sessions
As part of the event legaltech and regtech startups are invited to join in a Nordic meet-up. In this separate part of the event, the Nordic startup community will meet to share ideas on how we can promote innovation and make our startups to become successful. How legaltech and regtech can become more attractive to investors is a key topic. There will be a startup exhibition, a pitching session and two panels.

10:00 Founder stories – a session about success factors in legaltech industry.

Magnus Stein , CEO Avtal 24
John Engholm , CEO Insiderlog
Nils-Erik Jansson , CEO Precisely
Egil Bergenlind , founder DPOrganizer

The panel is moderated by Christina Blomkvist , founder of GreenCounsel

11:15 The legaltech ecosystem – is there a need for a specific legaltech/regtech ecosystem?

Fredrik Rosengren , businesscoach at Sting
Helena Hallgarn , CEO VQ/Chairman SIJU
Merete Nygaard , CEO Lawbotics
Nicholas Hawtin , founder of Nordic Legal Tech
Kaisa Kromhof , CEO and founder of ContractMill

13:30 Pitching Session

Panel of investors consists of:
Stefan Lindeberg
Marcus Krüger
Erik Byrenius

If you are interested to attend the pitching session or the event with your company please contact us at or



Norstedts Juridik

Norstedts Juridik is the leading provider of legal information services in Sweden, with roots dating back more than 150 years. The company’s online information solution is used by the leading law firms in Sweden, as well as by courts, public authorities and municipalities. Norstedts Juridik offers continuous education for legal professionals and publishes Sveriges Rikes Lag, law commentaries in the products Gula Biblioteket and Blå Biblioteket and Lexino, literature in the red and white series as well more than 100 additional legal publications each year.

Norstedts Juridik is part of Karnov Group.
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