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LegalWorks – a new alternative on the legal market

“We founded LegalWorks to create a modern supplier of in-house legal services, says Ulf Lindén, CEO of LegalWorks.

Both founders, Ulf Lindén and Leif Frykman, have long careers as in-house counsels in large multinational companies and have operated a similar business in Moretime Legal. They are now bringing these experiences into LegalWorks.

“Offering legal support within long-term relationships with the customer´s business in focus is the foundation for our services and very close to what we did as in-house counsels, says Leif Frykman, COO of LegalWorks.

LegalWorks has established a network of about 20 lawyers with experience as in-house counsels and also experts in the areas of data privacy and compliance.
In addition to legal resources LegalWorks will also offer management consulting and tech tools for legal departments.

In todays´s business life general counsels have a need for other alternatives than either hiring a new employee or to purchase support by the hour from law firms, which is evident by the international trend of increased need for managed legal services as seen the last years. This is where LegalWorks can add value by being a flexible and business-minded legal partner to its customers.

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