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Managing complexity – The 2018 Nordic General Counsel survey

Many believe the digitization of society will support us in getting the job done. Tedious, time-consuming, repetitive tasks will be no more, instead we will be able to focus our time on creative, strategic work – and as a consequence see the rise of a new meaningful economy, where we work with what contributes most value.

Although there is still some polarization on the in-house legal market between the early adaptors to new legal technology, and the ones moving more slowly, the digitization-process is disruptive and that it changes all of society is a fact. It seems the sum of all new business models and emerging technologies are acting together to remove market frictions globally. The leading economists talk about us now moving into the era of fluid or even super-fluid markets. This presents challenges to the legal departments.

When business truly goes global, instant and boarderless managing legal becomes more complex.

However, managing complexity on a regulatory level is nothing new to the legal departments. What is adding new challenges is the proper use of technology, tech savviness, and understanding of new business models in order to keep up with the surrounding world.

On this notion the partners of ALTNordic, Experticon ApS in Denmark, Laissa Oy in Finland, IBF Legal AS in Norway and LegalWorks in Sweden, thought it would be interesting to follow up last years Nordic General Counsel Report, to get some statistics on how the in-house legal departments are coping, and learn more about the main concerns of the Nordic GCs in 2018.

I look forward to presenting the results and the following panel discussion at Nordic LegalTech Day.

Nordic General Counsel report 2018 – Dealing with complexity


/Anna Lensmar-Friedman, CEO LegalWorks

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