From X to Next: What do the next generation of lawyers want?

From X to Next

What do the next generation of lawyers want?

We are in the midst of a societal shift with main drivers such as digitalization, globalization, environmental crisis and a generational transition, all inextricably linked of course. We also note from our yearly survey on general counsels, that one of their main struggles is finding and retaining the right people.

Being able to perceive and understand what really makes lawyers “tick” is crucial to attract talents and providing the right environment for them to stay on and keep flourishing in a complex and unpredictable context. At the same time, we are finding ourselves in a situation where a total of four different generations are acting together on the legal stage.

LegalWorks has conducted an indicative study of lawyers’ wants and needs across generations. Download the report to learn what they say that they look for in an employer, what values the most to them, but also if they really think that values matter in a corporate context (hint: they do).

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