About LegalWorks

We are a truly multidisciplinary service provider helping companies take care of legal whether by an advise, a talent, a strategy or a tool. We will help you integrate legal, business, HR and technology

This is LegalWorks

We are one of the leading alternative suppliers of legal services in the Nordics on a mission to modernize how legal support is delivered to customers.

We offer in-depth experience in a number of areas within our main brand we help legal teams with tech tools, development projects and to fill any organizational gaps, whether it is an interim position, out-sourced service or a recruitment. Within our subsidiaries we give legal advice. PrivacyWorks are experts within data privacy. LW Advisory are prominent lawyers that put legal advice into a business context.

We believe that good companies make the world a better place. We are here to help these companies succeed by delivering high-quality and innovative legal services. We are a transformative force in a conservative industry ready for major changes.

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