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Founding story

Legal Works Nordic AB was founded in 2016 based on the experience  that the current market for business law does not fully meet the clients need for flexible legal services.

The two founders, Leif Frykman and Ulf Linden, had both long experience as inhouse counsels in leading roles and had been struck by the lack of alternatives when its comes to sourcing of legal services. There was a gap in the market between inhouse teams and the traditional lawfirms.  The idea was to offer a new alternative legal service combining the business minded working style of an inhouse counsel with the flexibility of consulting services

Our mission...

…is to be the number 1 freelancing platform for premium legal professionals and the legal services supplier of choice for clients in need of interim lawyers and outsourcing solutions.

LegalWorks in short

LegalWorks has become Sweden’s leading alternative provider of business law. We believe that great companies make the world a better place and we are here to help these companies succeed by delivering high-quality and innovative legal services. We provide our customers with talent, knowledge and technology in a dynamic combination.


Leif LegalWorks
Leif Frykman

Founder & Legal Ops Specialist

Ulf LegalWorks
Ulf Lindén

Founder & COO

Caroline Snellman

CEO, LW Advisory

Joel Wickman

CEO, Legalbuddy

Mikaela LegalWorks
Mikaela Hegg

CFO, Legalworks Nordic Group

Jamie LegalWorks
Jamie Lindqvist

Head of Marketing & Design

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