Data Privacy Team

We will assist you with the adaptation of the new data protection regulation

A team of practically experienced data protection lawyers and information security specialists who guide you through the GDPR project.

Our philosophy

A practical approach

We believe in implementing the law in practice and being able to make recommendations and risk assessments based on the business conditions and actual risks. As an adviser, it is a great advantage if you have internships from an organization. Therefore, we have a team of advisors with practical experience from business and organizations.

Law + IT

Law and technology must go hand in hand with data protection work, so lawyers and IT specialists need to collaborate in the delivery. We offer a team of specialists needed for your project.

Sustainable solutions

We work ideally with the customer’s organization. If you are involved as a customer, we create the prerequisites for a sustainable solution that remains when the project is over.

Our goal

Our goal is to be your support and your long-term data security partner by providing the expertise and support you need in the different stages of the project and also after the completion of the project.

Our method

We have developed a method for adapting to GDPR, which is based on four steps:

  1. Create awareness among key stakeholders
  2. Make a preliminary study to determine priorities and risk areas
  3. Perform a GAP analysis of organization’s privacy statements and systems
  4. Create an action plan based on the GAP analysis

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Lotta Kavtaradze
Senior Legal Advisor

One of Swedens leading privacy experts with long experience from both the public and the private sector. Certified Information Privacy Professional – CIPP/E

+46 733 501 500

Axel Tandberg
Senior Legal Advisor

Axel is a privacy and marketing law specialist with background in SWEDMA and FEDMA.

+46 702 233 010

Fredrik Linde
Information Security Advisor

Fredrik is an experienced security specialist focusing on strategic and operational information security.

+46 703 744 852

Ulf Lindén
Founder and COO

25 years experience from lawfirms and large global companies in the life science industry. One of the founders.

+46 761 11 17 30

Emma Lilja Sjödin
Legal Counsel

Emma is a data privacy specialist, Before joining us she worked for a major consulting firm and a large industrial company.

+46 72 300 21 68