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Ambitions and ideas to drive productivity are great, but seldom enough to make things happen. Freeing up time to drive improvements can be a bit of Catch 22. An external resource can be the catalysator to make the improvement programs to deliver by adding energy and fresh thinking. An investment in an optimization project will not only increase productivity and bring costs savings, but will also lead to higher quality. Even more important, it will also show your clients, your management and your team that you are in the game to be a first class legal department and employer. LegalWorks has the senior consultants that can guide you, inspire your team or lead the change project. 

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Leif Frykman
Founder and Sr Advisor

One of our most experienced inhouse lawyers. Spent 12 years in California in leading positions in the IT industry. Our lead management consultant and legal operations specialist.

+46 763 245 338

Ulf Lindén
Founder and Sr Advisor

25 years experience from lawfirms and large global companies in the life science industry. One of the founders.

+46 761 11 17 30

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