About LegalWorks

We are a truly multidisciplinary service provider helping companies take care of legal whether by an advise, a talent, a strategy or a tool. We will help you integrate legal, business, HR and technology

Working sustainably - not working for sustainability

Life at LegalWorks is infused by our values. Living and working by our values enables us to flourish both professionally and privately. LegalWorkers are therefore better business partners for our clients, and contributing to making the world a better place.

Our Mission

We believe that good companies make the world a better place. We are there to help these companies succeed by delivering high-quality and innovative legal services. We are a force of change in a conservative industry. We create a whole of law and business.

Our Vision

Becoming a leading player in the business law market in the Nordic region and the leading alternative business law supplier in the Nordic region by 2020.


Global Sustainable Development Goals

We support the 2030 agenda with its Sustainable Development Goals. With special focus on four core issues that are of special value to our organization, we are are working long-term in the sustainability and development in health and well-being, gender equality, decent work and economy growth, and taking climate action.
We build and safeguard a culture where every employee are encouraged to act ethically and with integrity. LegalWorks have clear policies when it comes to our travel, office space, suppliers and our business model. Read more about each one here!

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