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5 quick questions with the Legal Accelerator Program’s guinea pig

We met with Cecilia Repinski on Green Assets Wallet, the first company accepted into the PlanetWorks Legal Accelerator Program. Learn all about GAW and how the partnership with LegalWorks throughout this project will look:

Q: What is your business model and how are you working for the well-being of the people and planet?

A: The Green Assets Wallet is developed to help scale the global debt market. In other words, to mobilize and accelerate capital flows to sustainable projects and companies. We want to give every sustainable project owners a better chance at raising capital for their activities, and we want to give every sustainable investor the chance to discover, asses and monitor impactful investment opportunities. Finance is fundamental for shifting our economy onto a sustainable path, and our technology is designed to speed up and grow this process. Because the Green Assets Wallet is built on a blockchain, the platform injects efficiency, transparency and trust into the debt market. This means that we can reduce the administrative costs for project owners while delivering trust and immutability to investors.

Q: What does sustainability mean to you?

A: Sustainability means living in partnership with Planet Earth’s unique abilities to support life, it goes beyond a stable climate and includes all the UN sustainable development goals including clean drinking water, healthy oceans, and equality to name a few.

Q: What will businesses look like in 15 years, taking into account the acceleration of technology as well as the sustainability movement?

A: The urgency humanity face today will at even greater speed demonstrate the need for solutions and the emergence of new business opportunities. Technology can play a large part of the solutions, if technology is developed with the right intentions and competencies to do well.

Q: What are the main legal difficulties you cross in your line of business?

A: Today the Green Assets Wallet concerns extra-financial information on sustainable impact and validation of delivery on commitments, not financial transactions. But we see great potentials making even greater use of the blockchain in order to reach more segments of the potential green finance economy. Through blockchain we could help many more sustainable projects, regardless of the size of the project owner, and we could also democratize impact investments, reaching all investor types regardless of size. This is however difficult today due to a lack of clear regulations. It is important for us to ensure that what we develop is in alignment with financial policy before we explore these new potential areas.

Q: How will you use LegalWorks as a pillar and partner throughout this Legal Accelerator Program?

A: Our core objective is to help scale sustainable finance and investments, and our technology was developed with public funding. We are now transitioning into a company, with a not-for-profit as majority owner, in order to more effectively serve the market and maximize our sustainability impact. While tremendously exciting, this is an entirely new journey for us and we are extremely happy about the expert advice we get through the PlanetWorks Accelerator Program.

Interested in PlanetWorks and our Legal Accelerator Program? Read more about it here, and see if you qualify!

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