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LegalWorks and 24 Solutions in GDPR collaboration

LegalWorks and 24 Solutions, one of the leading providers of data management with the highest of  standards regarding security, availability and compliance, have entered into a collaboration that allows 24 Solutions to offer a complete consultancy and service package to companies that manage any form of personal data in preparation for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

By combining 24 Solutions’ IT security and privacy by design expertise with LegalWorks’ legal data privacy and compliance expertise, the two companies can assist their clients from the first informative stages to the full implementation of the new regulatory requirements throughout the business.

– Our new partnership with LegalWorks makes 24 Solutions a one-stop shop when it comes to
addressing GDPR legislation questions. There are many players, both legal and IT, selling their GDPR services, but they don’t coordinate. We are experts on how to design and manage secure IT systems for sensitive and business critical data. Legal Works are experts in the law with a practical approach. Through this partnership, which combines technology and law, we will be able to simplify the adaptation to GDPR and create value for our customers, says Pelle Nilsson, CIO 24 Solutions.

For companies that manage different types of data in multiple systems the work required to comply with the new requirements may be extensive because both legal applications, IT systems and IT processes must be reviewed. 24 Solutions and LegalWorks are now offering customers effective, integrated and future-proof solutions for GDPR. From early counselling and identification of needs to customized services, processes and documentation that will allow companies to abide by GDPR’s high standards.

– In addition to legal expertise regarding GDPR and compliance, LegalWorks’ lawyers have experience working on the corporate inside as corporate lawyers. We know how important it is that the law works in practice. By combining our experience with 24 Solutions’ IT skills, we will be better equipped to help businesses find practical and cost-effective solutions to the challenges many companies face in the field of data protection, says Axel Tandberg, Senior Advisor at LegalWorks.

The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, will be in effect as of May 2018 and replaces the Privacy Act. GDPR represents a significant shift in the perception of personal data and puts great demands on any company that deals with any type of personal data in any context. Non-compliance can be punished with fines of up to 4 percent of worldwide turnover or EUR 20 million.

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