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31 October, 2017

Four new lawyers joining the team

LegalWorks is expanding and has recruited four new lawyers to meet increased demand from clients in all business areas. “It Is satisfying to note that we […]
23 October, 2017

Hon bygger BMWs nya bolagsjuristfunktion

Bolagsjuristbloggen träffar Maria Lindberg Legal and Compliance Manager BMW Group Northern Europe. Maria du tillträdde under 2017 och är den första chefsjuristen i din roll på […]
19 October, 2017

Novartis legal team vinnare av Financial Times innovation award

Bolagsjuristbloggen träffar Niclas Reutersten Chefsjurist på Novartis och vinnare av Financial Times Innovation Awards for Legal Teams. Grattis till utmärkelsen, vad är framgångsreceptet? Tack, alltid roligt […]
10 October, 2017

Ny nordisk chefsjuristrapport

Nu har LegalWorks släppt 2017 års Nordic General Counsel Report på temat digitalisering. Bolagsjuristbloggen träffar LegalWorks VD Anna Lensmar-Friedman för att få reda på mer. Vad […]
10 October, 2017

Boring legal work is a digital business opportunity

There’s a lot of talk these days about disruption of industries and how AI and robots will make pretty much everyone unemployed by the end of […]
10 October, 2017

The Legal mind in the digital world

The ushering in of the fourth industrial revolution fundamentally has two dimensions, or perhaps rather two poles on a spectrum; the strategic and the tactical. The […]
10 October, 2017

Platform economies challenge lawyers

Platform economies challenge many legal paradigms – and consequently the whole legal profession. First I would like to describe how platform economy differs from a traditional […]
22 September, 2017

Legal Innovation Price to VQ and Nils-Erik Jansson

Two lucky winners of the Legal innovation Award 2017 were announced yesterday at Nordic Legal Tech Day hosted by LegalWorks. VQ Legal, founded by Helena Hallgarn […]
22 September, 2017

Big legal tech crowd at LegalWorks

In-house counsels, lawyers, tech companies, start-ups and investors – they all met for a full day of interactions and discussions about legal tech, digitization and the […]